DAVE BARRY: Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist for The Miami Herald

JOY BEHAR – comedian and co-host of “The View”

DOC BLAKELY– Comedian and professional musician

DAVID BLAINE- World-renowned Magician and Endurance artist

CHRIS BLISS - “One of the brightest comedians around” – Unique musical juggling act

AMY BORKOWSKY- The bestselling author of "Amy's Answering Machine,"

STEVE BRIDGES – “Mr. President” impersonator

PAT WYNN BROWN - "Hair Theater," creator, offering women the opportunity to see life through hairdos - and hair don'ts.

FRANK CALIENDO – Comedian and cast member on MadTV

CAPITOL STEPS - A troupe of Congressional staffers-turned-comedians

DANA CARVEY – Actor and Comedian

JOHN CLEESE – Comic actor and Screenwriter

Double Grand Pianos – Las Vegas show with music, comedy & impressions

Tom Dreeson - One of the most respected family comedians of our time

JEFF DUNHAM– Award-winning ventriloquist

EVASONS – Award-winning Mentalist Duo for small or large audiences

Durwood Fincher - America's premier double-talking imposter

Roy Firestone -Host of ESPN's "Up Close Prime Time". Impressionist and entertainer

DAVID GLICKMAN – Musical show with customized comedy and music

David Goldman - Known as "The Laughing Stockbroker,"


REX HAVENS - Corporate Comedian who proclaims Everything I Needed To Know, I Learned From My Wife!"

BILL HERZ – Entertainer and magician

DALE IRWIN – Humorist and meeting summarizer

DR. MATT ISEMAN - physician and professional comedian shares why laughter really is the best medicine.

CRAIG KARGES – Top mentalist known for his entertaining demonstrations of extraordinary phenomena.

LAINIE KAZAN – Singer and multi award-winner of film, TV and stage

FRANK KING –corporate comedian, host, benefit auctioneer specialist

LORETTA LAROCHE - Humorist and stress expert. Host of popular PBS special "Humor Your Stress".

KATHLEEN MADIGAN – Award-winning comedian

JOE MALARKEY - “World’s worst motivational speaker and funniest loser”

MARK MAYFIELD – Solid business wisdom, brilliant comedic style

DAMIEN MASON – Business humor with a point and Humor for the heart of Agriculture

KEITH METHANY – Mentalist, entertainer

FRANK MILES – Juggler, acrobat, fire-eater and magician

DENNIS MILLER – Comedian, Actor, Commentator

WILL MILLER - “Refrigerator Rights – Living a Better Life

PASSING ZONE – Comedic jugglers and TV award-winners

MIKE RAYBURN – World’s Funniest Guitar Virtuoso

TOM RYAN – Fifteen veteran corporate comedian

GREG SCHWEM – Corporate Comedian “Comedy Bytes”

SECOND CITY – Comedy improvisational troupe

ROSS SHAFER – Comedian, actor, host, TV writer/producer

BEN STEIN – Actor & humorist on “Life”

WATER COOLERS – comedy troupe on rituals and routines of work and life