AFTERBURNERS – Fighter pilot training for business

WALLY AMOS –Founder of Famous Amos Cookies

BARRY ASMUS - Economist

RICK BARRERA – Acclaimed marketing consultant and author

HARRY BECKWITH – International business author & branding consultant

ADRIANE BERG – Author, expert in finance, aging and longevity

SARA BLAKELY – Entrepreneur and founder of SPANX

SANDY BOTKIN – Tax reduction specialist for businesses

GARY BRADT – Expert on change and leadership

CHARLES BRENNAN – Sales expert on closing the sale

RICK BRINKMAN – Communications expert – dealing with difficult people

MARCUS BUCKINGHAM –Expert on outstanding leadership and management

DANIEL BURRUS – Futurist and technology trends forecaster

JOE CALLOWAY – Customer service and branding expert

JACK CANFIELD – Best-selling author, expert on human potential

RAM CHARAN – Expert in building top management teams

ERIC CHESTER- Expert on Generation Why

SCOTT DEMING – Marketing and branding expert

BILL DIFFENDERRFER - Entrepreneur, Author of "Samurai Leader"

KEN DYCHTWALD – Expert on marketing to the mature market

CHIP EICHELBERGER – Peak performance, motivation and sales strategist

STEVE FARBER – Lessons on extreme leadership

STEVE FORD – President Ford’s son; lessons on leadership and character

COLLEEN FRANCIS – Engaged selling expert

KEVIN FRIEBERG – Leadership experts; co-authors of NUTS! And GUTS!

STEVEN GARVERY- Future Hall of Famer and Marketing Consultant

JEFFREY GITOMER – Edgy expert on sales

JACK GROPPEL, Phd.- Expert on application of sports science to peak performance

GARY HAMEL – Authority on strategic and international management

JENNIFER JAMES – Cultural anthropologist and futurist

KELLY McDONALD - Marketing/Communications expert on "How to Connect with People Not Like You"

DAVID NOUR – Thought leader of relationship economics

TERRY PAULSON – Leadership and management expert

ERIK PETERSON – Expert on future trends

MICHAEL TREACY- Growth, corporate strategy and business transformation expert